• “… there is nowhere else in Europe like this place, it’s awesome, the world's best, a global must see.” Tim Smit, The Eden Project
  • Stretching from Exmouth to Old Harry Rocks, The Jurassic Coast reveals 185 million years of the earth's geological history.
  • Take a mobile walk through time! JURASSIC is a free app for iPhone.
  • Mile upon mile of unspoiled, multi-layered beauty.

The Jurassic Coast is ‘UNIQUE’ and so are You!

Written by Super User.

Every journey begins with a single step - and this could be yours!

‘Jurassic Agent’ is about passion. It reflects my love for the Jurassic Coast and the stories it has to tell, stories for you to come and discover, treasure and enjoy. (Remember, if visiting us, the coast and its hinterland are about 1000 sq miles and that is larger than Greater London).

You need a plan. Most people spend at least 30 - 40 hours planning a 3 - 4 day trip to see us - and that's nearly an entire working week!

So, relax ... We will help you make that plan and find those secret out-of-the-way places that are perfect for a good walk; perhaps for honing your photographic skills, your painting, your poetry, your sketching, your mountain biking, running, kayaking, sailing, or simply just vegging-out and contemplating the area’s unique beauty and stunning geology.

There is nothing clever or binding about making your plan, just use the Contact button (here or above) and:

  • Tell me what appeals to you about Dorset and the Jurassic Coast?
  • What you see yourself doing once you arrive?
  • A bit about you, where you are coming from and for how long?
  • What style of accommodation might suit you?
  • Then just send me the email......

Relax a bit more ….

We will then start a gentle email dialogue that will eventually turn into your personal plan.

Now you really can Relax!

It’s very simple! ‘Tis only local knowledge. I give you the clues and links. You make the bookings.

Now - I can relax.

Proof positive that it works.

Feedback example from:- CG in Phoenix - Arizona.

‘That is all amazing stuff! The detail, and time you put into this is so nice, and so appreciated. Your love of this wonderful area is apparent, and I am sure I will love it too.

I was picturing myself doing all the activities you described, and cannot wait to visit.

It makes sense to follow your directions and suggested timetable, since you know the area like the back of your hand.

I am not sure yet if I will be travelling with anyone, but no matter. I am very happy to do this on my own, big girl that I am, and of course looking forward to having lunch with you on my way through (thurs 7th).

So kind of you to take the time. I will be poring over my map of Dorset when I get home tonight, and trace the areas you talked about - Exciting!

Many thanks again’.

Now, why not read my blogs, browse the library, let me know what you might like to do down here and I will do my best to help you benefit from my local knowledge and take that Walk Through 185 million Years of Time - meanwhile, this 5 minute Python-esque video might just help you to REACT! and take that all important first step.